The adventures of one man exploring the unknown possibilities of existence…

The story of Foxtrot T. Whiskey is an exploration into the wild and the unknown. Lost and confused, but confident and curious, Whiskey began a journey many years ago. He has since continued to explore the wonders found along the way. This adventure has led to revelations both wonderful and terrible. It is an exploration of reality and the universe. It is an exploration of the human condition; and beyond.

Much of what is known is surrounded by the mysterious fog of myth and legend.

It is known that Foxtrot T. Whiskey was not his name at birth and he has been known by many other aliases throughout his life.

Foxtrot was born in New England and raised at his ancestral home of Hunter Hill in the wild, yet civilized, outskirts of Boston. He spent some time traveling the world, but now primarily resides in his Pennsylvania home of Whiskey Manor. He is a wild dreamer and idealist. He is a man that chases his dreams. Sometimes he does this to a fault. But he is certainly his own man. He is unconcerned by the thoughts of the world at large. He is a man that will not let life beat him down. In fact he has quite the opposite view on things. He believes that life is what one makes of it and that it should not be wasted away on meaningless tasks. He is very much a nonconformist. He is not, however, concerned with conforming or not conforming. He is only concerned with being. He is.

He is a man of many interests and talents. He is a student of music, art, science, and law. He has never encountered a task he could not accomplish. Although he has gotten bored and lost interest with quite a few. He hears the sea call to him and if ever he lived a former life he, most of all if anyone, was probably a pirate.

He has been often called a contradiction. He exists on both ends of an extreme. Most would probably agree in calling him an eccentric fellow. He once said ‚”one means to experience life, they must experience all of it.”  He compares many of his adventures through existence to Alice in Wonderland. He says life is a lot like going down the rabbit hole. And the deeper down you go the more wild, weird, and wondrous it becomes.

Biographical Profile